01 December 2014

Another "New" Bathroom Light Fixture

Because seriously, ew:

That's the light fixture that's been in my master bath since 2004.  Came with the house. I *hate* these, and somehow in ten years I've never replaced it. 

In March, I replaced the guest bath fixture with an Italian tole chandlier that I fixed up.  Over this past weekend, I finally got around to putting the one that came out of the guest bath into the master: 

It's a bit dwarfed* by the gigantic sheet mirror that has also been there since the house was built;  but I intend to replace that thing, too, eventually.  For now, I really love the 3-light fixture in here.  I've been using my six-lamp fixture with only three bulbs in it, so there's no change in the amount of light, though this new fixture does change the angle a bit.  I'm perfectly happy with it, though.  It's warm and soft.  Not great for putting on makeup, but I do that at my vanity cabinet, since I can stand directly in front of it instead of having to lean over a counter because of my crappy eyesight, hehe. 

And of course, because the simplicity of the "plug and play" aspect of changing light fixtures is often just too good to be true, it took me two hours to get this thing in place, because the old six-lamp fixture was screwed directly into the wall - not mounted on a bracket.  Luckily, I had a bracket, threaded rod, and a large assortment of nuts and washers and screws to choose from, in order to get this thing mounted correctly and securely.  

* "Dwarf" is one of those words I can never type correctly on the first try.  I touch-type (without looking at the keyboard) at nearly 100wpm, and yet every time, it comes out "drawf."  Sigh. 


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