17 December 2014

"Scorpio Manor" Lives!

Heehee. That's what all of our friends are calling it (because we're both Scorpios).  :)

Sylvan's all moved in, and we're slowing working our way through mountains of boxes, unpacking and putting things away, rearranging furniture, and getting her settled in.   Her cats and my cats and dogs are getting along astonishingly well!  I've *never* seen a pet merge go as smoothly as this is going, and thank goodness for it. The giant craft room - aka The Room of Requirement - is coming along nicely, but it's not done enough for photos just yet.  I have a big project in the works for the living room, and I'll show you some of that tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a couple of bits and pieces from the kitchen:

Ikea's BYGEL rail system up, where a wooden shelf used to be.

An old wooden Ikea dish drainer, disassembled and made into a plate rack to display some very old, blue glass Ikea plates.

I love a good, messy, decorated fridge.  ^_^

My old Ikea FIRA chest made over into a coffee station.  It stores k-cups, tea, cider, and cocoa; as well as spoons, filters, and other little Keurig bits.  A tray on top, painted to match, holds sugar and a couple of decorative creamer pitchers (one from Ikea, one an antique Mikasa which I adore).

The dry goods jars are currently labeled "Existential Angst", "Despair," "Rage", and "Rice."  Because...rice.


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