13 April 2011

Front Porch, Round 1


(the ladder was there so I could work on the porch, it doesn't live there)

Not terrible.
However, I was bored with the following things:
  1. empty pots all over the place, that belong in the garage
  2. half-round rubber doormat...er..."iron sculpture" over the door - too much
  3. actual iron sculpture/baskety thing on the wall - pointless
  4. black porch railing - was cute five years ago, but I was tired of it. 
And so...



Instead, we have:
  • a cleaned-up porch, with
  • off-white railings to match the window trim - and I painted the door trim, too, once I saw that it stuck out like a sore thumb as the only thing that was now not off-white
  • iron/rubber wall "art" gone
  • The tiny Tibetan prayer flag string, which is actually there in the "before" picture, is relatively new. A friend brought it to me from India a couple of months ago.  :) 
  • I also painted the trim around the front door to match the windows and the porch railing

But Wait, There's More! 
Wanna see what a seven-year-old, crusty, yellowed, plastic doorbell looks like? 

oh. my. god.


This is not a new doorbell, but it's at least less ugly than the yellowed, crusty mess that it was yesterday.  It's a band-aid on a broken arm, but it's a start.

I DO still need to do something about THIS:

empty planters?! noooo!

Plants are next.



  1. ha ha ha!! I just did the same thing.. I moved the empty pots from front of the porch to the side .. next to the garage... :-) Thats a good start.. Yes.. plants are coming next!! Good luck!! :-)

  2. Mwaha. I put mine in the garage in a big pile without even dumping the dead soil out or cleaning the pots, LOL. One thing at a time, right? :D

  3. I was like...what ladder...? Took me awhile to find it. LOL

  4. You know, I meant to point out - that black railing made it really hard to see anything stashed behind it. Now that it's white(ish) everything back there shows! That's GOOD. No more hiding crap back there.


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