07 April 2011

Rock Like An Egyptian

Hey, guess what I've done this week?  That's right - NOTHING!  Yaaaay.  :D   But here's something I did for a friend about four years ago - Debi was good enough to send me pics so I could post them here. 

When Deb moved into her current apartment, she wanted the living area done in an ancient-Egyptian sort of theme, and asked me to help out.   I painted giant stone blocks on her walls...

sponging the living room walls, after priming them
"grout lines" that form the "blocks"                                                 beer ^


Finished!  This job took about 16 hours - two 8-hour days, over a weekend.

a "plaster" "crack" to end the block wall at the dining room, hee

biggest.  television. ever.

Deb painted this red wall herself, and framed and hung all the artwork.  The Isis next to the door was actually painted for Debi by another friend of ours, as a gift; the papyrus over the television is one another friend of hers brought to her from a vacation in Egypt. 

Why post this today?  Debi's moving...which means we have to prime over ALL of that and paint it boring old apartment-white again.  She's stressing it more than I am - I repaint everything in my house at least once a year, so I'm not worried about losing the work (I've painted over more work than this, believe me).  We're planning a Xena/castle theme for her next place.  Hee.  :)



  1. Thanks! I'll tell her you said so. :)

  2. It can't have been four years already....can it??

  3. You know, I don't remember, exactly. I think it may have been *longer* than that, but I'm not sure!

  4. Wow! That looks fabulous!!!! Maybe you can help us do some old Irish architecture in my apartment some time. I'm not too ashamed to resort to bribery. :-)

  5. *waves* I'd love to, sometime - I really love doing this stuff for other people. My current health being what it is, though, I'm inclined to give it a few months until I can, you know, MOVE again, hehe.

  6. That's absolutely fabulous!!!


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