12 April 2011

I Want Plants!

With any luck, I'll get lots done around the house this evening, and have good stuff (and after pics!) to post tomorrow - assuming I don't fall off a ladder or trip and step in front of a bus or something.  *knocks on wood*

Until then, though, allow me to share with you some gardening stuff - this actually relates, as my plans for the evening have to do with re-vamping the front porch a bit, and there's a garden very near the porch.  With me? Great. Bottom line here is, I was bored yesterday and stopped at Lowe's on the way home and went phone-camera-shopping...

First stop:  I need new plants for the silver planters at the front door, and the hanging baskets above the porch.  And I need them to coordinate with the front garden, which is green and frothy punctuated by purple/rust-colored foliage and white/purple/pink/black flowers.   So I'm thinking...

"Black Magic" and bright green dwarf Elephant Ears! Six bucks a can!
 Alternanthera - aka Joseph's Coat - this variety was labeled "Royal Tapestry", but when I google that I get a completely different plant.  But these are gorgeous, and I wants them, Precious.  My front garden needs more dark purple foliage (the Loropetalums I put in two years ago turned out to be...brown...gross).   And since these 4" pots are like three bucks each, I'm thinking 2 for the front bed itself, 1 in each of the tall silver planters, and 3-4 to make up an entire hanging basket of this frothy, dark stuff.  YUM.
 At least one of the other baskets will be full of Hostas like these, probably with a bit of purple Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomoea) trailing down around the sides (of which I don't have a picture).

And I absolutely MUST have THIS.  This is another one that comes up wonky on a google search - this Coleus is labeled "Stained Glassworks", but I can't find info about that variety online at all, which means it's probably (a) very new and/or (b) proprietary to the breeder and not "out there" in the world yet.  Anyhoo, it's freaking gorgeous, and I adore Coleus, and I want it.
I've never been a Pentas person, but these were just show-stopping.  Dark, textural leaves and almost aggressively vibrant red flowers (making up for thier small stature, no doubt).  

I've also never been a red person, and I hesitate to bring another color layer into the garden...but maybe in a pot on the porch? Or in the backyard? And now we're getting way off-topic...

And since we're on the subject of me lusting after plants...

I never paid attention to Azaleas until I saw white ones.  I need it. In a pot on my back porch.  Off-topic again.

This is a Southern Wax Myrtle (Morella cerifera), aka Southern Bayberry or Candleberry.   It's native to the South and southeast coast down through east Texas and NE Mexico.  It's interesting and light, pretty darned water-wise, and seems perfect for a spot by (not in) the front garden that I think needs a BUSH.

And there at he front corner of this pallet-o-plants (drooool) is a Long-Leaf or Saber Fig (Ficus alii) with braided trunks.  LUST! PLANT LUST!  

I had a red-flowering Mandevilla vine last year ("Brazilian Jasmine" - native to Brazil and northern parts of South America, and throughout Mexico).

It disappeared.  It didn't die, it was just gone one day.  I'm pretty sure That Puppy dug it up and destroyed it.  But she's over that now, so I think I'll try again.  I may not be much for red flowers in the front yard - but I want tons of them in the back!  Off-topic again!


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