14 April 2011

A plant! I've got a plant!


no shit, that wall planter's been empty for six years


can you spot the zip-top baggie in this picture?

That's right:  a zip-top baggie.  The planter's a weird shape, and it's terra cotta, which means it's dry as a bone, even though it's painted most of the way around (all but the back) - and that Schefflera needs moisture.  Moisture that would ruin the fake-ceramic-glaze paint job on the pot.

Solution:  a 1-gallon plastic zip-top baggie, with three rows of small drainage holes poked into the bottom, inserted into the pot's opening and filled with soil - basically lining the pot with plastic.  It drains well, but not too much, and the plastic is practically invisible under the foliage.  I put a few rocks on top of the soil in the pot to keep it from washing away when I water it. 

Microsoft Paint: kickin' it old school


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