13 April 2011

Laura Stuff.

Look what my BFF made for me!  :D  Is that not the cutest thing ever?  HEE!

I say to you again: hee!

Also...  You guys need to check out Pinterest, if you haven't already.  I, for one, was getting sick of going over and over and over ALL those damned bookmarks on my internet broswer.  Folders and labels are great and everything, but if you collect design inspiration pics from all over the internet, it's just not enough!  Pinterest allows you to "pin" favorites to a board for easy viewing (no searching for links and then waiting for them to load).   They keep track of sources and stuff for you, you can look through other people's boards and "like" items and collect them yourself  -  and lots of other stuff.  Here's one of my boards...of course the first thing I did was make a blue one. :)


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