29 April 2011

Cute = Substitute For Actual Work?

Actually, I'm in the middle of shaking things up in my craft room + closet pretty hardcore; but I don't have anything for you yet.  I mean, unless you really WANT to see pictures of a war zone.

Didn't think so.

But look at this fish! This is Clyde - he's made of notebook paper & highlighters, as are his castle and plant.  I made Clyde (et al) at work last year in a moment of boredom and he's sat on top of my desk for months and months.

is that a crappy photo or what?

Aww.  Clyde's not the real story, though:  Clyde went away last night.  After
  1. seeing a bunch of terrarium pics online, and 
  2. wanting more plants on my desk at work for months, and
  3. missing the little terrarium I had at home a couple of years ago
I took Clyde and his bowl home last night and made this instead: 


It's nothing fancy at the moment, but it'll grow big and fluffy in no time;  and I think this weekend I'll get some moss to put in there to spruce it up, and maybe a teeny tiny garden gnome or something.  Hee!  Or maybe a wee succulent that likes humidity.  I'll see what I can find.

The plants are (left to right, in the picture above): Pothos Ivy (Epipremnum aurem), a variety of small-leaved Tradescantia with purple undersides, a couple of "baby" Ponytail Palms (Beaucarnia recurvata), and a "baby" Majesty Palm (Ravenea rivularis). 

oh, and some rocks.

It looks like there's nothing but black aquarium gravel in this thing, but it's actually mostly potting soil that's kind of "wrapped" in gravel so that the soil doesn't show on the outside, because ew.  Makes the glass all crusty after a while.  I also mixed a handful of charcoal chips into the potting mix (available in aquarium stores and garden centers).  Even in a healthy arrangement, roots and leaves die and rot and are replaced by new ones - and sometimes there's a smell, especially when there's no drainage, like in this glass bowl.  The charcoal chips act as a sort of filter in the soil and for the air in the tank, and help keep things fresh.

And for no other reason than that we're on the subject, this is the other houseplant I have at work:

"Lucky Bamboo", which is NOT bamboo - try Dracaena sanderiana, one of the Dracaenas that loves keeping its feet wet.  This one is two years old;  the jar is a clear jar that I found at the dollar store years ago and painted with blue glass paint.


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