29 September 2011

Thanks, Ikea!

HEY, guess what this is?

If you guessed "Ikea's DIGNITET curtain wire system going up on Laura's living room ceiling," you win!

My recently-rearranged living room was working out great, floorplan- and functionality-wise...but the lack of room divider between the two rooms was REALLY getting on my NERBS. 

Seriously, this is just messy-looking.

HUGE difference!
 It did wonders for the office, too:

not that I didn't love looking at the back of the tv...

 I absolutely love how the living room feels almost like a little fluffy cave.  These are Ikea's LILL mesh curtains, by the way - I have tons of them, all over the house, I love them so much.  In this case, they coordinate with the windows, divide the room without feeling heavy, and let lots of light pass through for all the frillions of houseplants I keep.

yep, still trying to figure out that art arrangement.

Sasha helped.


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