02 November 2011


Nothing fancy, but a little elbow grease (as well as a few scratches and a ruined pair of sandals) goes a long, long way towards creating the Backyard of Dreams from the chaos of the Creeping Death Fungus of 2010 and the worst drought this state has ever seen, in 2011.

Another step along that road:

Ooh, ahh.  *SPARKLE*

That nice clean corner was full of THIS.  O_O
It doesn't look like much, it was worth about three hours' work, and a whole lot of peace of mind.  I didn't find any deadly spiders, scorpions, snakes, or rats in there...but I was always worried about it.  Not for my own safety (having, as I do, boots and gloves and common sense), but for my dogs, who would chase bugs into the pile and can't tell me, "Hey, mom, I was just bitten by a Black Widow. Maybe we should go to the animal hospital right now."   You know?

Plus, it clears out a HUGE corner of the yard.  The one corner, actually, where I don't plan to plant anything cool.  This is, to put it simply, the Dog Poop Corner.  As long as they have a big, open space to use, the dogs don't use the rest of the yard, and I plan to keep it that way.

Next on the list for the back yard:  a canopy over the patio, some raised beds for vegetable gardening, and some new sod in the Spring.

it's going to be seriously cool.


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