27 March 2012

Moving On

While I'm waiting for the next steps on the aquarium stand (which requires a payday and a shopping trip), I've started my next major project: cleaning and re-organizing the garage.

Yes, AGAIN.  Shut up. 

When last we met my garage, I posted this "goal" picture: 

(note the awesomeness)

And no, it never got there.  It mostly got there.  I did make my little rolling red tool cart out of the salvaged file cabinet I picked up from the office move: 

That was the last time my work tables were even visible under the mound of crap I tend to accumulate.  Case in point: 

Crap! Everywhere!  OMFG! 

Look, a floor!  The pile of sleeping bags from my camping trip will soon
be washed, rolled, and stored away where they belong, never you fear. 

Mid-way through: pots on the right organ-
ized; crap on the left not so much. 

Now everything's organized!  Same green boxes I scrounged
from the office,  and also used in the craft room. 

Keyword:  getting there.  

The plan is to get everything organized and purged, and then pull these shelves out, paint the walls and the shelves, put them back, build more shelves for another wall, swap the stuff on the other two walls so the water filter doesn't get sawdust in it anymore, and then...mess it all up again.  :D  J/k. 



  1. Hey...I recognize those 2x4s. LOL your garage is an organized dream compared to ours. :P

  2. The ones you gave me, lol. but I'm fixin' to use those on the cat loo.


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