30 March 2012

Ambitious Much?

Ladies and germs, the garage as it exists in my imagination:

ooh, ahh. 
1.   More 2x4 shelves, like the ones I already have on the south wall (waaaay in the back there next to the door and weird rakebroom looking objects).   These shelves need to be a tiny bit deeper, as well as longer and taller, and with more space above and below, for large, bulky items.

2.  A fake-cabinet "slipcover" for the water filters and softener, to keep dust off.  Basically just an open-backed box to slide into place, with doors in front so I can access the control panels without having to move the box itself.

3.  Salvaged kitchen cabinets from somewhere?

4.  The tool bench (which is currently where #1 and 2 are in the sketch), underneath a

5.  Pegboard tool organizer!  OH YEAH.

6.  This would be the standing shelf that's in my bedroom closet right now, which I've had in the garage before, and it works great there.  As soon as I get off my a$z and hang the clothes bar and wall shelves in the closet that I've been meaning to put up, I can move the free-standing shelving unit back into the garage.

7.  The garden tool hanger rack, which is currently in the front of this same wall, where the toolbench needs to live.  This time I need to hang it higher, so I can hang extension cords underneath the shorter-handled tools.

8.  My bicycle, on one of those nifty pulley things that allow you to store your bike up out of the way, but still allows you to pull it down quickly and easily when you want it.

9.  The extension ladder deserves the same treatment.  In eight years, I've used it THREE times - and technically, *I* have only used it twice, and then I loaned it to my neighbor once, too.  But man, when you need an extension ladder, you need an extension ladder.  At the moment it's hung on the wall above my workbench, on some L-brackets.  I'd rather have it further up and out of the way.

10.  La piece de resistance:  a rolling island for the garage.  Extra work space!  Extra storage!  Easy to move around for various tasks, or out of the way for big projects!  :D  (Read: extra place to stack extraneous shit).

Hey, a girl can dream.


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