07 March 2012

Speaking of Plant-Eating Dogs

I realize that I make it sound like Daisy's just a royal terror, but she's really not.  All the furniture- and plant-eating (and curtains, and rugs, and blankets, etc.) that she's destroyed was done in the first six months that I had her.  Fire is hot, the sky is blue, and puppies eat things.  It just is.

she looooooves being under furniture

See, Daisy was a drop-off - Kress and I live close enough to "the country" that people bring dogs out and put them out on the side of the road regularly.  :(  My neighbor's kids found her wandering around the edges of the neighborhood when she was only about 5-6 months old, and took her in.  I admire the intent, but the family, as it turns out, had never had a dog before, and hadn't the slightest idea what to do with one.  First Daisy was relegated to the backyard, and shut out there 24 hours a day with no interaction or socialization or anything - just a bowl of water on the back porch, and food once a day.  Eventually, after about three months, they decided to take her to the pound.

In case you can't tell by the pics, Daisy's a Pit Bull mix.  So yeah -  HELL NO I wasn't going to let my neighbors take a Pit Bull to the pound, with the reputation they have wth some [ignorant] people these days (that reputation is bullshit, and I won't get into the whole argument, but please see loveabull.org if you're curious).  By that point, Daisy'd been more or less abandoned just about her entire life, so she was a bit out of control, hehe.  By now, though, she's an AWESOME dog, and very well-behaved. :)

I also have two older dogs, Shelly (left) and Raven (right).

Raven was my second dog ever, and the first one I got of the pack I have now - that happened in 2004, right after my ex and I bought the house I live in now.   He was a shelter dog, and had been abused before he was left there.  He was super-skittish, silent, and practically motionless - any sudden movement, or attempt to get him to come out of whatever corner he was cowering in, would result in him shaking, ducking, whining very quietly, and trying to escape any way he could.  If you made any sudden sweeping movement with your feet or hands, he assumed he was about to be hit, and took off running.  Poor baby.  I just kills me to think about anyone hurting him - or any other animal, for that matter.  

It took him about two years to finally come out of all his old fear-behaviors, but he started becoming a BIG sweetie right away.  He has this awesome trick he does to get people to pet him where he bicycles-pedals his front paws in the air while sitting on his hind legs.  It just kills people. :)


I got Shelly about eight months later, when Raven was showing signs of separation anxiety at being left at home during the day while I was at work.  My ex and I decided he needed a friend, so back to the shelter we went, and two weeks later, after meeting-and-greeting, and getting spayed (on Shelly's part), Shelly came home with us.

And mannn, if you think Daisy was destructive?  SHIT.  Shelly was 8 months old when we brought her home in 2005...this dog ATE A COUCH.  I'm not even kidding.  There were some pretty hairy arguments over whether or not to take her back to the pound, but I'm glad she stayed.  She's a wonderful dog now, Raven's BFF, and really, really sweet with the cats.

She's a Border Collie mix, too - Border Collie and German Shepherd...hence the coloring.  Every time we pass a full-breed Shepherd in the park, I say, "Look, Shelly, that's what a real German Shepherd looks like."  It makes people laugh, and it's a great conversation-starter. :o)

The Wild Bunch,  Thanksgiving 2011.  Daisy's 2, Shelly's 7, and Raven's 9



  1. And you know I didn't want to make it sound like I was down on Daisy...she is a love and totally different from when you first got her, as you say. Your dogs are all sweeties. I'm still plotting how to steal Raven from you ;)

  2. By the way...I think my GSD-Border Collie-Aussie Shepherd mix was a WWI soldier in a previous life...she is digging HUGE foxholes all over the back yard...still....

  3. Raven digs like that - not nearly as often, but, he'll get on a digging kick and do it for a couple of weeks, then stop for a few months. He loves making hides for himself under bushes - I keep meaning to build a little shelter covered with vines that he can sit under so that he doesn't have to dig up my freaking Bauhinia!

  4. I wish Abby even had a purpose like that...her holes are just that...huge freaking holes that become Golden Retriever traps. We cover one section with pavers and she just moves her operation over to a new area. GAH! Tell me again why I have dogs....


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