21 March 2012

The Oldest Wildebeest: Part II

The aquarium stand that I mentioned in August, revived after having been started in 2006 and then forgotten for five years, has now made a bit more progress:


The sides, top, and trim facing on the front are attached - the wood for which I bought in August last year.  (And when you consider how long it's taken me to get this far, an eight-month gap there isn't actually that bad, right? Right??)

It also now has internal shelves, cut from remnants of the same ex-computer desk that gave us the guitar rack of 2010.  I made sure they're tall enough to accommodate the one tool that in my 15+ years of keeping aquariums has proved to be endlessly useful and at times indispensable: the 5-gallon plastic bucket.

The next phase involves  wood filler that isn't solidified inside the tube (d'oh!) for the nail holes and a few cracky places where the sides and trim didn't match up in the front.  After that it's getting trim molding around the edges, doors, stain & sealant, and then feet.

And then: the aquarium itself!  :D

But first I have to finish the stand.  Anyone want to lay odds on how long it'll take me?


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