16 July 2012

CLEAN! ALL! THE! THINzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Remember all that junk I said I was going to do, in my last two posts?  Yeah, I didn't do any of it over the weekend.  I was going to, but   NAP ATTACK.

I did manage to get a lot of heavy cleaning done over the weekend, even if I didn't get around to starting any projects.  Vacuuming, mopping, steam-cleaning the tile in the bathrooms and kitchen, cleaning the bejeezus out of the entire kitchen, nuking both bathrooms - I even washed the windows in my car.

It's been raining here, it seems, for like three weeks straight.  I love rain - it doesn't seem gloomy or depressing to me like some people say it is - but it sure does make me sluggish and sleepy, and not remotely motivated to get anything done but eat pie and watch The West Wing (trufax - this is what I did last night).

Actually, I DID get something done Saturday night:  I shuffled some tables and dressers and shelves and things around in the bedroom and in my closet, which resulted in "new" nightstands for the bedroom, and "new" shelving in my closet.  I'm not any happier with the closet than I was before - in fact, I actually like it less, but that's just more incentive to get off my ass and get myself a dresser from Craigslist to use in my closet, finally.  I DO love the nightstand situation, though...and so do the cats.

Sweet Pea chillin' on the new nightstand

Real pics later this week.  :)


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