16 July 2012

More Cleaning Binge

I've been on a bit of a cleaning kick lately, and with things suddenly breaking around the house, I have also developed a newfound comittment to home maintenance and preventative maintenance, LOL.  So, because it's me, I've made some lists:

Done  (last weekend, and the weekend before):

  • BIG kitchen cleaning (countertops scrubbed and bleached, canisters and appliances wiped and/or dusted, fridge cleaned out and cleaned)
  • BIG vacuuming (includes moving furniture not normally moved for spot-vacuuming, and vacuuming a/c registers and return vents)
  • BIG whole-house dusting with my handy-dandy new Swiffer 360 Extender (which is the absolute BOMB, and I'd never have tried it if Kress' mom hadn't bought one for us for no reason) - cabinet and door frames, baseboards, ceilings and corners, art and picture frames, knick-knacks, ceiling fans, light fixtures
  • BIG bathroom cleaning  - counters, cabinet doors, cabinet interior (organization), tub and shower walls and fixtures, light fixture, doors and baseboards
  • BIG laundry - curtains, rugs, comforters, and bed pillows

Yet To Do: 
  • bleach and re-seal tile grout in all tiled areas of the house (2 bathrooms, kitchen and dining room, fireplace hearth, front entry)
  • replace burnt-out light bulbs
  • clean and repaint the baseboards in the dining room (chewed by puppies a year ago and never fixed)
  • replace all the floor T-moldings in between the rooms and around the fireplace - most of them pop loose several times a year, and some are broken.  All of them need to be replaced with a better solution.
  • Wash & scrub all the exterior windows, and clean the insides
  • Clean all the blinds - if I take them down and hose them off on the back patio, I can spray-paint the last one in the living room while I'm at it.  
  • Prime&  re-paint all the baseboards and doors in the house, starting with the guest bathroom (they're all yellowed with age;  since I painted the guest bath white and gray last Fall, it shows the worst in there)
  • Repair or replace the shower/tub diverter in the master bath tub faucet.  Or replace the entire faucet. Whatever. 
  • New garbage disposal! 
  • Gutters for the back of the house!  

Omg, there's so much more I don't even want to keep typing.  UGH. 


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  1. Your energy inspires me....
    ....I'll be in my bunk.


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