12 July 2012

Upcoming Updates + Floor Fail

I haven't been around a in few weeks, as I've been busting my butt getting some costuming projects for people finished on time, all of which turned out to be more complicated and time-consuming than I'd originally planned.  Yay, scope creep!

Now that all that's finished, though, I have several small projects around the house lined up, and some painting to do - I'll be posting about those things in the next couple of weeks.  I LOVE "detoxing" from sewing projects by painting things in my house. Coming soon:

  • A side table
  • some more ceilings
  • some gardening/yardwork
  • accessories + cleanup
  • Guest bathroom and bedroom

Meanwhile, I'm afraid I'm not at all pleased with the new flooring in the craft room.  The flooring in the rest of the house is a product from Lumber Liquidators - not Pergo brand, but one of the off-brands produced in the Pergo factory (same stuff, just without the Pergo label).  

The color is "Bolivian Teak" (now discontinued), and the floor was installed by my ex-husband and I in 2005.  The floor has lasted really well these past seven years.  The only problem I've had with the floors is that the T-moldings between rooms pops up when the weather changes drastically, mostly because they were originally installed incorrectly (hey, it was my first floor).  Aside from that, there's *one* wear spot developing under the computer desk where the chair slides around - it's only just appeared the past couple of months, and it took seven years for the first sign of wear to appear!  

The Ikea "TUNDRA"  flooring that Kress and I put into the craft room three months ago, however, has already begun deteriorating.  Boards are popping apart and leaving cracks in the flooring.  Edges and corners are chipping and peeling.  Granted, this floor gets a lot more wear than the floors in the rest of the house, from office chairs rolling around, ironing boards, and five cats who eat and poop in here (sometimes on the floor, argh) - but three months?  Really??   I am seriously unimpressed.  And I'm pretty disheartened at the idea of having to replace this floor in the next year once it gets so bad that I can't stand it anymore.  Damn it, Ikea!  

More soon. 


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  1. Have you told IKEA about it? Seems like that shit should last longer than 3 months...but then, 90 days IS their return limit, lol.


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