09 August 2012


What I really want is to paint my kitchen cabinets white, inside and out.  (No, this post isn't about bathrooms).   But I cannot has white paint right now, so for the time being, I've put the doors back up:

In 2009, when the walls were white (and then beige, and then blue, and then beige again...), I had painted the insides of the cabinets a very dim sort of grayish blue.  And I loved it!

Except that now that the walls are grey, it's too close a grey to the color inside of the cabinets, and by contrast, the insides of the cabinets don't look blue, they look dirty.   So until I get the whole set of top cabinets painted, the doors are back up, to hide the blue.  

You may have noticed the tile back-splash in the before picture, and the lack thereof in the new picture.  The tile was only painted on: 

and mis-aligned

I really did like the "tile", and I was very proud of the job I did.  People who hadn't seen it before in person would actually touch it to make sure it wasn't real.  I call that a win, hehe.   But I painted over it when I painted the walls grey.  I actually do have a new idea for the back splash, but that's going to have to wait until I paint the cabinets.  You'll see.  

And since I realize you've never seen my *entire* kitchen, just bits and pieces of it, here's the whole thing, mess and all: 

all the walls are the same grey.  the weird blue and purple tones in this
pic are just from weird lighting coming in the windows

Things that are going to be changing in the coming months:

  • the upper cabinets
  • the backsplash
  • the light fixture
  • the steins on top of the cabinets (I swear, officer, they're not mine, they're my boyfriend's)
  • the pantry insides + door hardware
  • the cabinet knobs and handles
  • the light fixture over the sink?  maybe? 
  • the total lack of a color scheme aside from the wall color and that one red dishtowel

After the whole bathroom thing happens. 


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