01 August 2012

What Year Is It??

When last we met, I was like:

Two weeks, you guys!  UGH.  I'm up and around - I'm even back at work today - but "intense physical labor" right now is still like, walking eight feet from my desk to the copier, so, I'm not exactly in any shape to do anything around the house.  I washed like six dishes at home the other day and had to take a nap.  I'm not even kidding.

Until I am ready, though, I'm dreaming of bathroom paint.  Still.  I've decided to go with something like this:

by Urban Grace Interiors, via DecorPad

I have no idea what actual color that is, but it's exactly where I'm going.  A wee bit greener, a wee bit grayer, and a whole lot lighter than the color I have now.  Near as I can figure, this is pretty similar to Benjamin Moore's "Quiet Moments". 

Quiet Moments                                                                                          Smoke
                                                                              (pretty much the current color)

The "Smoke" (I have no idea what color it is, I mixed it myself, but it's about like this) is just WAY too much blue.  It's in-your-face, why-did-I-just-eat-all-those-cookies bright, sweet blue.  It's pretty, but an entire room of it for like six years is a bit much.  Lately I feel like it's oozing blue.  It's bleeding blue.  It's bleeding blue at me.  Done with it!  

It doesn't help that the walls, ceiling, trim, and doors are all the same color.  And don't get me wrong - I abosolutely LOVE it that way, and I don't plan to change it.  My master bathroom has three doors and a window, and a lot of trim - that was a LOT of white breaking up the wall color before I painted it all.  

The idea was actually based on this scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: 

screencap from leavemethewhite.com

You can see it here:    

I stood in the bathtub to take this picture. Hee. 

Along with some of the stuff about the room that I can't WAIT to change:  the artwork (dark brown wood frames, matted to match the wall color...why??),  coke-bottle-green glass accessories (*yawn*),  and some ugly faded gray candles, in this picture, for some reason.  I have no idea.   Oh, and the curtains over the doorway.  Hee.  I actually thought those were fun.  But they were basically a big dust magnet, and some wild dogs gallivanting about the house tore them, so they're gone now. 


Pinterest, in its infinite wonders, has finally granted me a freaking clue as to what to do with that big sheet mirror over the vanity.  One day I'd like to replace it with two smaller, framed mirrors; but for now I needed to do SOMETHING with it.  I'd thought about framing it for months, but couldn't think of a way to make that not boring.  This?  This is it.  I am so doing this.  I already have wood and parts in the garage I can use.  Squee!  

Now I just have to figure out what color to do the mirror frames.  A dark brown stain, to match the cabinetry?  Or would that be too heavy?  Black would definitely be too heavy.  White would look silly unless all the other trim in the room was white, too.  Silver?  Gold?  And do I do the picture frames in here to match the mirror frame, or is that too much matchy-matchy? 




  1. Your PoTC pic doesn't come thru. :( If you're getting rid of the green glassware...put me in your will, please. I broke a bunch of mine in a run-away bath towel incident (there was one small survivor...).

    Try painting just the ceiling white and the trim, then see what you think of the wall color. I'm thinking the Quiet Moments is going to be too grey and quickly boring for you...

  2. Hmm...rereading this..you like the trim the same color as the walls...not my preferred look, so just paint the ceiling and see what happens.

  3. POTC?

    I'll collect all the green for you, then. I have a whole stash of bottles and jars and things that I've been rounding up to get rid of. A few months ago Kress' mom saw it all and thought it was a collection, and brought me a box full of more of them, LOL. :)

    Yeah, I'm definitely going to paint the ceiling white. Just for some more light in there. It's not a dark room at all, but still. As far as the trim...I think I'm staying with matching/mono trim, but I waffle. In the bedroom the doors are blue but the trim is white, and it's a nice compromise. I may try that.

  4. Pirates of the Caribbean. And cool :)

    I think I'm painting the hall a dark teal...weird, huh?

  5. Ah! Okay, try it now - does it show?

    Ooh, I like dark hallways. And teal. :)

  6. Yeah, it shows now.

    For the longest time, I've wanted to paint that hallway a dark red, but I don't think that'll go with everything else I have planned. It will be my family gallery, too.


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