10 August 2012

Results Not As Expected

Mkay, so, remember in June when I tore down the old vine trellis on the back porch  and put up a smaller one?  It looked like this when I was done:


(yes, the invisible wire thing strung between the two horizontal  rails)

Well, it's been two months, and the thing is just COVERED in fresh, green, beautiful vines!



Guess what I didn't notice in June?  The top rail was rotted through on one end!  ARGH.    It won't be a huge deal to replace it: I'll just have to cut the vines back below the level of the top of the trellis, cut through the twine holding the wire screen onto the rail, put up a new rail, and then tie it back together.

I hope.


Screw: "Idk what you guys are talking
about, I did my job." 


Guys, I don't think the Hibiscus is going to make it. 


  1. Am I seeing that correctly: the railing is particle board??

  2. Yeah. Sigh. It was what I had at the time. And it's lasted a really long time. This was bound to happen eventually. The bottom rail is wood, and I have real wood to replace the top one with this time.

  3. Oh...I thought it was something Lennar did. Heh.

  4. No, that was me. When I put the original trellis up (http://pushingfurniture.blogspot.com/2012/06/bird-safe-backyard.html) I had one piece of wood that would work, and one piece of MDF harvested from an entertainment center that I had thrown out months before, and no money for more wood, so I used what I had, hehe. I re-used both pieces for this shorter trellis. I didn't move the wood on the bottom at all, but I moved the MDF piece on the top, and I SHOULD have noticed that it wasn't sound, but I guess I didn't. Sigh. At least now I have wood to replace it with. Just need to get around to doing it.


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