07 August 2012

"Honey, we're out of arsenic again!"

Fun with kitchen canister labels:

AFTER - chalkboard paint

I'm sad to say, my little quart can of chalkboard paint is badly dented, and doesn't seal properly, as I discovered the other day when I went to paint these canisters and discovered a can full of black peanut-butter.  Fortunately, I was able to reconstitute the paint by mixing in about a cup and a half of water  (I figured, it's not usable now, it can't hurt to try).   Some of the paint peeled and chipped when I pulled off the tape, but it's all good.  The labels are totally cute.

And I'm sure the same friends who like to write on my chalkboard when they come over will re-label the jars for me when I'm not looking.   LOL.

Before - 2009. Paper labels.  Also painted faux-tile on the backsplash.


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  1. You're a sick, sick woman.

    I like that in a person.


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