03 August 2012

Well-Begun Is Half Done?

Got those pics I promised yesterday.  First...

A Before Tour

My master bathroom.  Which, I should probably say, I actually like.  You can tell because it's been the same for like seven years.  I just want to tweak some things here and there.

OHAI, I have a light bulb out. Whoops.  (Ugly builder light fixture, party of 1...). 

Dark brown wood cabinetry (which I refinished myself, back in aught-five).  

←  My hand poking the camera into the room through the double doors. 

Plant.  I love my plant.  It's a mixed basket of Pothos, Heart-Leaf Philodendron, and some variety of small and fuzzy Tradescantia

That door, by the way, is my closet door. 

Two shower rods (both alike in dignity): one with the plastic liner, and one with the white sheers hung really high.  I love that. Keeping it. 

Also keeping the towel hook, which I put there.  Love it.  The towel bar the house came with was right next to the toilet.  The hell??

Boring beige ceramic tile.  Yawn.  (Two of them are cracked, which happened recently). 

Boring brown rug.  It's really soft, though. And it's cotton, so I can throw it in the wash once a week.

Blue towels to match the walls.  (Blue, faded, blotchy, crunchy towels.  Eeyugh). 

The Toilet Cave.    

You can't really tell from this picture, but this cabinet, like the one in the guest bathroom, used to be twice as deep - a full 16", IIRC.  Once upon a time, I took them both down, sliced them in half with my jigsaw, and put them back up.  They were looming before. 

The picture frame visible in the upper left - see the nail underneath it?  There were two hung vertically there, which I actually quite like, placement-wise.  The bottom one was the one that fell off and went boom the other day. 

The window in the shower.  Light: good.  Sun all up in your face while trying to shower: not so much.  

Witness the epic collection of glass bottles I don't want.  And a random plant. (Parthenocissus randomii).  

The one glass item I will never, ever part with.  I love my little apothecary jar.  What's that?  "What apothecary jar?"  I know, right?  What is that mad clusterf* of stuff all over the vanity?  Organized much? 

The bane of my existence in this room.  WHO PUT THAT OUTLET THERE?!   It's not centered, it's the only outlet in the room, and it's too close to the bottom of the mirror to be safe from the water in the sink. Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to blow your hair dry while I was washing my face?  *ZOTT*  I'm not even kidding - thank god it's a GFI outlet; it trips ALL THE TIME.  


But then...

Just because I couldn't sit still the other night, I rounded up this gold mirror from my closet, and some little Ikea nesting baskets from wherever the hell they normally live, and started playing.

It's no work of art, and it's not going to stay like this, but the change has definitely got me thinking.

I got new towels last night, too!  Plain, crisp, bleach-able white. I can't wait to use them for the first time. New towels! :)

I need to figure out the accessories, and get painting.  (Eventually.  I'm doing better every day, thank goodness).  

Maybe the Bathroom Fairies will leave me a new light fixture if I'm extra good. 

*  LMAO - I *just* said that the mirrored outlet was the only one in the room, and here's a PICTURE of another one.  Whoops!  I tend to forget about this one, because we don't use it.  LOL. Sorry.  The mirrored one still sucks, though. 


  1. Dang...the little apothecary jar was the main thing I was lusting after (but you knew that, lol).

    Make sure you take a look at your foundation. For the tiles to be suddenly cracking now, following the drought we've had, is not encouraging.

    Lennar, everything's included...even inappropriately placed outlets! I need to see if some of the same peeps who headed up NPC and Milburn (and probably KB homes) didn't start up Lennar.

  2. Oh, whoops, hehe. Yeah, that little jar is awesome. I got it at Pier 1 a million years ago.

    Oh, the foundation is fine - believe me, I've been keeping an eye out. The two cracked tiles are right by the entrance to the room. A few weeks ago I was moving a dresser out of my closet, and there was this whole furniture-dropping fiasco, and I'm pretty sure that's what caused it.


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