06 August 2012

Silver & Gold

Did a bit of paintin' and knobbin' over the weekend.  Here's what happened in the master bathroom:

This gold mirror was really cool.  It was a bit in-your-face with the gold color, but I liked it.

So I painted the two picture frames in the room to match, and then the gold was SCREAMING AT ME.

So I painted all three of them a lighter, less obnoxious gold.

That's better.  Softer.

The two frames - both painted, and the broken one repaired.

This is the same artwork (postcards, actually) as before;  the frames were painted a deep olive green before, and the mat behind the cards was the same blue as the walls.

But wait...what's that shiny dot on the cabinet there?


These cabinets have never had knobs before!  And these knobs, actually, have never had cabinets before, so it works.  (I harvested them from a set of modular MDF cube furniture years ago and just had them in my stuff).

* By the way, this picture is the first one I've taken that accurately reflects the color of the walls.  Yeah. It's  that blue.  Also, please ignore all the BS on the counters here - that's not intentional, it's just all over the place for no reason, lol.  


Those are SEXY.


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