18 December 2012

Impending Closet Makeover

Next on the list of Thing I Keep Meaning To Do But Haven't Yet is, apparently, my bedroom closet.   You guys have seen it...

Exhibit A: nasty shelf, piles of crap (and dinosaurs)

Exhibit B:  tiny practically worthless dresser (that is now a
nightstand anyway) and not much room for hangity clothes,
on the right side there. 

Those are both photos of the long (east) wall of my closet.  Here's the floorplan:

(Icovia Room Planner)

It's the same blue as my bathroom and bedroom, which I thought would be soothing and contiguous, but instead is just too cotton-candy cute for my level of concentration first thing in the morning when I'm trying to figure out what to wear without getting pissed off.

On the left (north) are some shelves, floor-to-ceiling, white MDF.  On the long wall are crappy, picture-of-wood stackable Cube-It cubbies and rickety shelves holding neat, organized baskets piles of crap (and dinosaurs). On the right is the clothing rod, attached to a wire shelf which supports more piles of crap.   There isn't enough room for ANYTHING.  I don't even have my shoes in there - most of them are on a shelf in the living room hallway.  Basically it looks kinda like this:

Blehhhhh.   (Olioboard)


Ikea STOLMEN post, $30, mounting
hardware included, ivory finish.   (Picture
from Pinterest via Ikea 2011 catalog)

Dresser from Target:  $40 on craigslist

The idea:  

I love Olioboard. 

Brighter, less light-sucking and color-confusing walls!  A dresser to keep things in and put things on!  The main idea here, though, is that STOLMEN post across the long back wall, for my hanging clothes:  I can hang everything that's folded neatly piled on and stuffed into the shelves, which frees up space on the left side for shoes and linens, and space on the right side for that dresser (and some dinosaurs).  Yay!

Just kidding about the rug.  And the chandelier.  Maybe.

more room to throw shit on the floor move around, too. 

The question, Raymond:

Will I actually get around to doing this any time soon?

The world may never know. 

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