27 December 2012

My New Closet. Let Me Show U It.

First, though, I have to show you the freaking HORROR that was my closet only three days ago.  I was fed up with the lack of space, lack of organization, maddening disarray, shitty old furniture, and less than adequate hanging space.  Fed UP.  And yet, even three days later, looking back at the before pictures, I'm SHOCKED - how was I living like that?  Good lord!  UGH.

Here's the floorplan we were working with before, which is neat and cute.

But here's what it actually looked like:


  • 4 shelves
  • stack of 10yo Cube-Its by Sauder
  • stacks of plastic storage bins
  • piles of clothes everywhere that either don't fit anywhere, or won't stay anywhere.  


  • in case you can't tell, that thing in the middle in both pictures is a small bookshelf filled with baskets and boxes of crap (and dinosaurs)
  • whole top shelf:  none of that stuff is even mine. It's just in here. 
  • you'll see in a minute how utterly ridiculous that clothing bar on the far right is.

But what's in the center?  I'm glad you asked...


Believe it or not, this constitutes my shoes being "put away."  At least, the ones that don't fit on the shelf in the hall by the front door, that is.  I *only* have like thirty-some pair.  And nowhere to keep them.  >_<

Even the cats are like...wtf...

Help me, Olioboard!


Drumroll, please...

It looks so clean and pretty when it's empty, doesn't it?

I do adore this color, but in this tiny space, I really needed it gone so I could see my actual clothes.  Especially since the lighting in here leaves much to be desired (it's a lightbulb. Seriously. That's it. Just a lightbulb).

Wire. Shelving.  *HISS*

That thing sticking out of the wall for seemingly no reason is a curtain rod bracket I put up to hold my belts.  It's basically the only thing in this closet that actually worked.

I must've patched five. million. holes in this closet before I started to repaint.

Goodbye, old closet! Goodbye, five million holes!  Goodbye, beautiful blue that was still too dark! Goodbye, clean floor (no dropcloth. Oops).  Goodbye, Laura's back, and knees, and shoulders!


Look how clean and fresh!  This is Behr's "White Clay", the same color I put on the ceilings in the bedroom and dining room.  This time, though, it's in a Valspar prime-and-paint, satin-finish base - Lowe's doesn't carry Behr, but they matched the color for me.

Those same four shelves are back up on the left side, in a slightly different configuration; and I've added a fifth.  Why is it so far below the others? Just you wait.

No! More! Wire! Shelving!   Instead I now have one loooooong clothing bar stretching from left to right, for more than double the hanging space than I had before.

Center stage is Ikea's STOLMEN post - meant to be used vertically and in pairs to support other organizing components.  It took a little bit of hacking to get it to hang securely horizontally (and in the process I discovered the purpose of the little inset-corner on the left side: it's a pipe chase.  Which meant that it took a bit more hacking to get that end of the STOLMEN post secured to the wall without putting any screws into my plumbing!)

It's a bit higher than the old clothing bar was, to accomodate my loooong SCA costumes and gowns.


Omg, that is soooo much better.  Look, I have shoe storage!  And space on that bottom shelf for boots (none of which are standing up right now, because I don't have inserts for them yet, lol).

Those old Cube-Its now have a home underneath the shelving, out of the way.

And all those clothes now have a nice, comfy space to live...

...I'm not even kidding, all of these clothes were crammed into the right half of the closet on the clothing bar under that wire shelf that I took down.  THAT WAS NOT ENOUGH ROOM.  It was literally less than half the length of this new bar.

I do still have some plastic storage bins in here, but now they fit neatly underneath one end of the hanging clothes, out of the way, and mostly out of sight.

Hey, what's that over there?

It's the dresser I refinished over the weekend!  :D

This replaces that stupid bookshelf-and-baskets situation that wasn't working before.  Notice the lack of clothes piled on top!  :D

I haven't really finished decorating the top of it yet; for now there's a tray meant to keep small items from sliding off the top (a problem I had before on the very rare occasion that there weren't clothes piled on top of the bookshelf).

The artwork is a very faded copy of a Matt Manley print I cut from a calendar a million years ago, that used to hang in my bathroom before I put the gold-framed mirror in there.

Winchester says hi. 

I did, however, put my newly-repainted Ikea FIRA jewelry chest in here, which was the plan all along.

Whew!   All of this happened in one day.  Including like 90% of the work on the dresser.  I'm pretty sore.

There's another four-day weekend coming up.  I think I'll sleep through this one.



  1. The Fira does look better "in situ" as it were, but as I told you, I liked it better before *ducks for flying dead mackerel* Nice, very nice. Personally, I like wire shelving --the Elfa kind, not the Closet Maid, which what you had-- cuz I can see what's on a shelf and it doesn't collect dust as much. The only problem I see is because the Stolmen pipe was intended to be a support and not a hanging rod, it's diameter is too large for the hanger hooks, so they might stress and break faster. But overall, very cool.

  2. Yeah, the post is a bit wide, and I thought of that, but it's not a huge issue; and besides, those plastic hangers break if you look at them sideways anyway, and they're super-cheap. *shrug* I decided I didn't care. :) I was more worried about the weight of all those clothes, not on the post itself, but on the wall brackets, but I'm pretty sure I got it nice and solid. :)

  3. When I put the long rod up in my studio, I used a regular closet rod, cut to length, but then used four of the shelf/rod support brackets from my closets that came out when I Elfa-ized everything. I think it's pretty stable, too ROFL. Us and our SCA gowns.

  4. Do I have a witness....*all gospelly and stuff* HEE.


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