20 December 2012

A Year in Review: Year 2!

A little pre-emptive, it being only the 20th, but hey, if the world ends tomorrow...?  LOL.  Kidding.

Rather than recap the entire year (since I do a monthly recap anyway, which is tagged), here are my favorite projects of 2012:


I finished my craft room!  It took me a couple of months to get all the bits and pieces put together, and the flooring installed, but I finally finished it, and I loved it!  And now I'm already bored with it.  LOL.  More on that later.


Uh...yeah, I didn't really do anything in February except buy a new vacuum cleaner.  :/


Made over the guest bedroom, complete with new flooring to match the craft room and coordinate with the rest of the house.  Yay!


I finally finished the aquarium stand that I started SEVEN YEARS AGO.  Yay!  (And no, there still aren't any fish in it. Or, you know, even water. There's dust.  I'm telling people it's a terrarium).


Painted the bedroom ceiling (along with an 8" border around the top of the walls) a soft, warm white.  I love it!  I did the same thing in the dining room in June;  and I still plan to do the living room and entry hall ceilings this way, as well.


Several hot hours in the blazing June sun took my Mexican Orchid Tree from an overgrown, shaggy mess, to a lovely small tree in the backyard.  I've learned since June that I really, really need to keep up with the suckers on this thing in order to keep it looking nice.  After being sick for a few weeks in the late summer, this thing grew right back out again and I had to start all over!


I was very sick in July.  :(


I played with my bathrooms a lot in August.  Knobs, mirrors, frames, small tweaks like that.  I've been talking about re-painting both of them ever since, but I have yet to get around to it.


I made over my fireplace by painting the beige ceramic tiles with chalkboard paint, to make them look like slate tiles.  I love it to itty bitty pieces.  <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">


This might actually be my favorite project of the entire year.  As much as I love all of these projects, this one I can't stop touching, and am planning to repeat on a much larger piece of furniture.  A little red nightstand got a faux-bois makeover and a painted faux-alabaster top.


It was either the new hooks in the bathroom or the dining room chairs in November, but I had to go with the hooks because not only is it attractive, it's *useful*.  (Technically both projects are, but this one's been a lifesaver).  Amazing what a huge difference a piece of scrap wood and some wall hooks make.


The month isn't over yet, and I DO have a dresser to paint;  but since I'm doing this post now, I'd have to say my favorite project this month has been the little Ikea jewelry box that I did last night.  So! Cute!  I'm probably going to hate it by this time next year, knowing me.

Provided the world doesn't end in two days, I'll see you guys after the holidays, unless I have something spantacular I can't wait to show you.  Everyone be safe.

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