19 December 2012

Re-hacking An Ikea Hack

Part of the impending closet makeover includes doing something new and cute with my Ikea FIRA jewelry chest.  I'd stained and painted it many years ago...

I liked it, but the fabric lining came out pretty quickly, so I replaced it with paper in 2010, and it's been that way ever since.  Until last night...

deglosser, sandpaper, paint, wood glue, a bowl to dump the
contents of the box, craft wood for new drawer fronts 

painting the box, inside (sort of) and out

drawers, too, the fronts of which got a new face, to cover
up the little pull-holes that are, for some reason, in BOTH
sides of the drawers so you can't just turn them around. 

tiny wooden knobs, and wooden candlesticks,
spray-painted with gold metallic paint.  


insides and outsides of each drawer painted blue for a little
sumpn-sumpn when the drawers are opened up.   

The entire project cost me five whole dollars, for two packs of tiny wooden knobs and a pack of wooden candlesticks to use as feet.  The paint and everything I already had.  

Last night I also picked up that craigslist dresser, and it's even more awesome than I thought it would be.  I can't wait to get started painting that, too. :) 


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