02 July 2013

Living Room Sneak Peek

I have a BIG living room post coming up.  BIG.  But for right now, here's a taste:  you know the big china hutch in the dining room?  The one with the rock collection in it?

This one. 

You would NOT believe what a Herculean effort it was to empty this entire thing out, find new homes for all the stuff inside - not just the rocks, but all six drawers, and the space underneath - and then push it across the entire freaking house to its new home:

Fortunately, when I moved this thing into the house to begin with (in two pieces), I had the foresight to put slidey-feet on the bottom, so it was easier than I was afraid it would be to push it all by myself.  (I didn't repaint the living room; that's the same gray, it just looks really blue in direct sunlight).

And now it's a library!  There were two giant bookcases in the master bedroom that moved out over the weekend, and left my book collection homeless.  Some of it will be going into other rooms - music stuff, and art/design stuff, for example - but much of it now lives here.

And because I'm just cool like that, the cabinets underneath are filled with video games, LOL.

In case you don't recognize the wall, this is the "tank wall" where I've always had aquariums, and once hung a giant silk bedspread.  This is the north end of the looooong living room.

I can't wait to show you the rest. :)

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