24 July 2013

It Begins

The process, that is, of turning my guest room into an art studio.  I've always wanted a dedicated space to paint and draw, and damnit, it's about time I had one.  I've only just started, but here are a few "before" pictures and some (slightly fuzzy) shots of some of the furniture I'm painting for the room:


A whole bunch of stuff crammed into the room. 

A whole bunch of art supplies (that's a 6x3' table)

An *ugly* little Kuntry Kitch nightstand - lovely oak, horrible, aged finish,
scratched and stained and warped beyond belief, but sound of construction.

And then:

Nightstand: just as kitchy, but now cute as hell in blue!
Not sure yet, but this will probably hold small canvases.

The beginnings of a painting corner.  If you recognize the
blue supply cart, good on ya!  It's the little red tool cart
that used to be in the garage, with a fresh paint job. 

Lots, LOTS more to come!  I'm working on this room and the craft/sewing room next door at the same time (because allll of my art, sewing, and craft stuff was in the sewing room, so I'm having to organize both as I go along).


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