10 July 2013

Technical Difficulties

Whoops!  Having some camera/phone/computer issues.  Will post living room, paint, and other stuff as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, I sometimes make pictorial to-do lists.  And sometimes, I post them on Facebook, because the way people guess what each line is supposed to mean cracks me the hell UP.  Here's today's:






Guesses so far: 

  1. make a bear head
  2. turn a cupcake into a ziggurat and a shirt
  3. Set hair on fire and enjoy it
  4. stub toe until it throbs with pain;   or  injure toes with decorative spikes
  5. This was the one that got the most attention: 
  • ride a flaming wave into Hell, collect insurance
  • teach a brachiosaur to fire-walk
  • ride a brachiosaur on a raft
  • cooking money
  • watch a tiny space person riding a three-legged dinosaur on a viking ship
  • set a cartoon moose on fire for money


1 comment:

  1. You see?? We provide humor and blog fodder!! :D May I be so cheeky as to say 5 a, c, and e are mine? HEhehehhehehehee

    Eh HEM. *serious face now*


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