01 July 2013


Typos are hilarious.  IT BEINGS doesn't have nearly the same ring to it.

So.  Kress is all moved out, and my house is all mine once more.  The move went well, and we said tearful but happy goodbyes to each other and to each other's pets, hehe.  It all ends on a happy note, for both of us.  On to bigger and brighter things!

And then I began the complete reorganization of my entire house, which will end up taking me all summer.  I started by cleaning.  Hoo boy, moving raises SO much dust!  I was on my feet all day and evening both Saturday and Sunday, and I have a LOT to show you.  But we'll start where I started, after the place was clean:  with the closets in the master bedroom.

My closet has always been the one in the bathroom, on the bottom of the picture.  You saw the makeover for that one back in  December.  The other closet, up on the left, was Kress' closet.  I spent the whole weekend cleaning both, and re-distributing items and furniture.

In my closet...

While I loved the shoe shelves, back in December I got in a little over my head - literally.  I could barely reach the towels on the top shelf, and have been dumping them on my head for months, and I was TIRED OF IT.

So I removed the shelving and installed it lower, so that the tall boots are on the ground, and the tallest shelf (now housing stuffed dinosaurs, manatees, and alligators with big floppy aardvark ears), is about forehead level.

I also moved my dresser out into the bedroom, to take the place of some large bookcases that moved out of the room.  The two plastic bins on these shelves are for my unmentionables.  I like having them in the closet, but not in the dresser.

Since the dresser was gone, I got a set of two café curtain rods from the dollar store (for all of $1.29, seriously), and used them to hang my collection of scarves.

They're within easy reach, not taking up hanger-space on the clothing bar, and I really like the way they look hanging like this.

With the dresser out, and the shoe shelf lowered, the closet feels a ton more open.

The other closet...

...is now both my linen closet and my SCA closet!  About 10/90%, too - you can see the towels there.  Everything else in the closet is SCA:  long, heavy dresses, shoes, underlayers, and drawers and baskets full of hats, sleeves, scarves, snoods, and all sorts of other accessories.

There's still some renovation to be done in here:  there's carpeting on the floor that's original to the house.  It's in good shape, but it and another closet elsewhere in the house are the only pieces of carpet left.  And, believe it or not, the walls in here have never been painted. Also, you know how I detest that wire shelving.  So, updates on all that forthcoming.

Meanwhile, ALL THIS was in my other closet!  And the dresser was in there! That's too much stuff!  So this helps a lot.

Later this week I'll show you what I did with the dresser in the bedroom, as well as some work going on in the living room, some furniture painting, and some furniture building!  WHEW.


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