17 December 2013

Cheater Post

Holy COW do I have some updates.  But at the moment, this week, I'm up to my ears in social engagements and catching-up with other things, so for now, here's some more jewelry I made last week when I was on my jewelry-making kick:

Iolite and glass

anklet for my sex!boots (wore to a wedding recently)

tiny blue glass drop at the clasp

Lots of blue drops happened.  The
moonstone bracelet is old, but I made
it, too, back in the day. 

By the way?  Fuck the camera on my phone. 

An old beaded memory wire bracelet that I
made fit again.  

pink and black glass with silver, earrings 

ipnk and black necklace to go with the earrings;
I made the little charm loop in the center, too. 

One last phone-cam pic of a "ruby" and "topaz" + "gold"
costume piece I made for the SCA

Some of the blue and silver beaded jewelry here is part of a set I made to wear with a specific outfit, that I'm sewing myself, and which I haven't talked about, lol. Sorry.  Been posting about that over at my SCA sewing blog, since it's clothing stuff; you can read those posts here.  Should be a finished product photo in a couple of days.  :)


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