27 December 2013

New Living Room Arrangement FTW

I had great fun over the summer rearranging my living room furniture, and then the other week with the new coffee table.  After living several months with the new floorplan, though, it just wasn't working.  The open space behind the couch was handy for getting around with the vacuum cleaner, but it bugged me that it was wasted.  There wasn't enough floor space in the room for me to dance, hula hoop, or work out with a DVD, and I wasn't digging the little nightstand I had made over into an electronics console - and I wasn't digging the electronics, either, really.  So last weekend, I overhauled the entire room:


Sadly, there must be a "before" picture:

Ignore the blanket over the couch for the moment (slipcover SOON, I swear), and take a look at the arrangement:  couch and wing chair in the center of the room, anchored by the area rug, with at least 3' all around of open space.  There's a console on the wall behind the couch, with the mirror over it.

And the long view...eww, I know.  A true "before', hehe, complete with jackets over the chair and various detritus on the floor as a result of those lazy dogs getting into the trash and strewing random things all over the room.  Mutts.


  1. more floor space
  2. better use of space
  3. pretty couch under the pretty windows
  4. new tv console? 


Yay!  Okay, so, now there are different blankets on the couch.  Just go with it for the moment.  At least they're the right color, LOL. 

And from the north end of the room:  LOTS more open space.  The last time I was at Ikea I picked up an UPPLEVA (seriously, Ikea product namers?  hehe) swivel/tilt tv bracket; so while the couch is pretty far away from the television, I can pull the tv out from the wall by a foot, and angle it for better viewing.  I don't watch tv anyway; it's basically a video game delivery system.  :)

Here's the console that was behind the couch now serving a new purpose.  I ditched a 20-year-old CD changer and stereo receiver (not ditched, just removed from the setup) in favor of the electronics I actually use: DVD, X-Box, and laptop!  I charge it here, and blog from it on the couch or in the big wing chair, now that I don't have a computer desk anymore (which I love, since it's a piano now).  

I took the opportunity, while I was working, to clean the cuh-rap out of the fireplace, too.  MAN that thing was dusty.  The screen did it's job - I had no idea, hehe.

A little candle arrangement in front of the screen gives me pretty flames when I don't feel like burning a whole fire in the fireplace;  this is that silver "Moroccan" tray I got at Ikea a million years ago that you've seen on this blog as a wall hanging and table top in years past.  


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