07 December 2013

Nail Polish + Jewelry

And now for something completely different!  This is what I did last night:

Incidentally, I give UP on the camera on this new phone.  The focus and quality are for CRAP, and there's no damned macro focus!!  I love 99.999% of this new phone, but fuck the camera.
So anyway, I had the bracelet on the upper left already - a gold chain with an oversized gold lobster clasp and ring closure, and a single clay scarab bead.  I wanted more stuff to go with it.

Using remnants of the same chain I used for the bracelet, I made the choker next to it, and the pair of earrings.

I wanted big, chunky, blue stones, but I didn't have any.  What I did have were some big, chunky green stones that I didn't like.

I made this a while back, but only wore it once, because I hated it.  The stones were far too heavy for the chain, and I just don't like that shade of green directly on my skin.

So I painted them with teal nail polish!  The result was a set of stones that look like slightly-iridescent sea glass.  I really wish I had a better picture for you, they look REALLY cool.

The earrings were made in the same way, but with two old pieces of rainbow fluorite painted with the same polish.

And because I know at least one person is going to ask:  yes, I painted natural stones with nail polish.  In addition to the serpentines being the wrong color for me, they were also old and chipped and had strange inclusions that marred the look of the stones - I only used my crappy ones for this.  Ditto on the fluorites.  :)

  The black bracelet on the left is where the gold nail polish came in.  The elastic connecting the four metal pieces was shot, and I couldn't wear the bracelet anymore.  Also, the gold paint was coming off and the copper underneath was starting to show through.
And so I painted it gold.  It's not the same yellowy gold as the other pieces, but I like it a lot.  Re-stringing this thing was a major pain in the bitch.

Nail Polish colors used:  

Sinful Colors "Gorgeous"

Nina Ultra Pro by Sally Beauty Supply "Big Spender"

Better pics, and pics of the outfit all of this was specifically made to go with, very soon.  :)


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