16 January 2014

A Drumroll, If You Please...


Yes, it's pink.  I don't know what got into me, but I love-love-love it.  So much.  I mixed the color from paints I had on hand; but it's an exact match for Glidden's "Pale Red Dust."   I left the same 8" drop around the top of the walls that I've done for the ceilings in the rest of the house.   The pendant lamp is a $6 Ikea kit with the marbled glass shade I took out of the kitchen not too long ago, and it's already proving indispensable as task-lighting.  I have it and my primary sewing machine on a surge protector under the table, so that I can sit down and turn both on with my foot at the same time. 

The sewing table, which is just painted white, and the legs black (it was gray and silver), was going to be découpaged with old pattern pieces, but I decided against going that kitschy.  Because of the amount of work involved, the difficulty of un-doing it if I ended up hating it later, and also because, as my BFF pointed out, "But what if you end up making the same pair of pants over and over again by mistake?"  Heehee.  Actually, she made a great point:  I'd lose pattern pieces on it, and pins, and god knows what all else.  

One day I'd like to fill the walls of this room with my artwork, but for now there are two pieces up, my SCA AOA award, and some random stuff printed out from the internet.   

The big shelves were also painted white, the hardware black, and the whole shebang was moved low down on the wall and towards the closet.  Most of the fabric boxes have been organized into the closet itself, to make room for a bit of display, and a bit of usable space on the shelves.  

The file cabinet, which will one day go into the closet, I think, is sitting where one day there will be a pretty dressmaker's dummy in the window.  :) 

BAM.  Organization. 

Holy crap, I love this paint color.  So much.  

50-c Ikea shelf brackets, and some spare plywood bits I had laying around in the shop.  The chalkboard is a corkboard painted in black chalkboard paint, so I can use it for all kinds of things (and I do; I've had it over my sewing table for years, and I couldn't do without it).  

One of my favorite things about this room is the way the morning sun shines through the sheers.  Day or night, it's private as can be, too - there's a sheet of bubble wrap across the bottom half of the window, which insulates against the summer heat a little bit, but mainly, blocks view from outside while still letting light in - and it's invisible behind the sheers.  It's a trick I picked up from a friend a few years ago, and it works GREAT.  

*  Okay, it's not entirely finished.  I still very much want to re-cover both ironing boards, and the task chair, all of which have seen better days (rips, burn spots, etc).  I don't have the money right now for the fabrics I need, but I'm hoping in February.  :) 

Also, the ceiling isn't actually painted yet, because I'm out of the color I use for the ceilings.  Again...February. :) 


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  1. Brilliant! Looks all cool and shit like in the decorator pics. :)


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