29 January 2014

Spice, Spice, Baby*

BEHOLD (sounds better than "before", doesn't it?)

  • one dirty-ass kitchen "backsplash" (it's just a wall) (so, I tried to "erase" the oil spatters on the paint with chalk the way I saw on Pinterest?  Now I have an oily, chalky mess. Thanks, Pinterest! FFFF)  
  • one 3' length of steel L-shaped bracket thing, the proper name for which escapes me
  • screws
  • screwdriver
  • level
  • messy cabinets


One practically-invisible mini-shelf on the backsplash for all of  my spices (don't worry, I have more - I just put out the ones I use all the time, the rest are in a basket in the cabinet with my extras).  You can't even see the steel bracket.  Which is good. Because it's ugly. But it's invisible, so, whatever.



and it mostly hides the chalk/oil mess.

This is where I had the spices before, on three lousy Susans.  It was cramped, I could barely reach the top...


...the adjacent cabinet was a goddamned mess.

I have a trick back, and when it goes out (with no warning whatsoever, or any discernable cause, no less), I can NOT reach my lower cabinets, or lift even the lightest item.

Therefore, I have ALL of my regular-use kitchen stuff in my upper cabinets, or in my pantry on the higher shelves.  This cabinet houses my mixing bowls, Pyrex bakeware, and my small collection of pots and pans.

Before the spice rack, everything you see in the picture above was also crammed into this cabinet.  Now both cabinets, and the spice rack, are easier and nicer to use.

Rory helped.

* I apologize. 



  1. I've always had a question I've meant ask. Why did you use a flat paint in the kitchen? I always use a satin or now eggshell. Well to be honest I now use eggshell everywhere cuz I really dislike flat paint, but that's me. Was it just a car of "that's what I had?"

  2. 99% of the time, since I mix my own colors from what I have lying around, it just happens to be what I have (a lot of times, it's because I use white primer in the mix as a lightener or as a base, for pale colors). In this case, I actually bought the gray paint - and honestly, I don't remember why I chose flat. Probably because I was using it in so many rooms and wanted flat for most of the other spaces.


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