02 January 2014

The Last Project of 2013

Lighting the way into the new year from the old!  Okay, that was cheesy.  Even I gagged.  Forget I said anything.

You know what I love?  Alabaster.  And alabaster glass.  Like this:


And I loved it, for many years, over my kitchen sink:

But then I saw a whole bunch of stuff like this on Pinterest lately:

(via Down To Earth Style)

And then I got this FABULOUS gigantic, round light bulb from a friend of mine recently, and an idea was born:

It casts WAY more light into the entire room, since it's not shaded;  and the open feel of the basket (from my garden, with a fresh coat of black spray paint on it) makes the archway and kitchen area seem a bit bigger and airier, and doesn't block my view into the living room as much.

Is that bulb not epic?  Yeah, I have no idea what I'll do when it burns out, LOL.  But for now, I love this new fixture.  

It makes nifty shadows on the ceiling, too:

You know how I love that.



  1. Aziz!! http://www.1000bulbs.com/category/g40-decorative-globe-light-bulbs/

  2. I notice that you have a white sink in your kitchen. I have a white sink too and am always looking for ways to keep the d*mn thing clean. Do you have any tricks that you use ??? Thx.

  3. Actually, short of scrubbing the f@$k out of it every day with Soft Scrub, I can't keep it clean either, and I hate it! I'm going to be replacing it soon with stainless. :-)

  4. I have stainless, but when I had a white sink, I just used comet on it every day, don't remember having a problem.


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