15 January 2014


GAAAAH THE SEWING TABLE!!!  No, but seriously, it's actually done, I just haven't set it up yet, and therefore have no pictures.  YET.  I will.  Soon.  I swear.

Meanwhile, a good friend recently gave me her old metal artist's easel, and her taboret, for which I am VERY grateful, and with which I am VERY pleased!  The blue cart I was using was fine for a while, but I found it too short for working standing up, and I could never find anything in the drawers - and I had to work with the drawers open in order to see my paints, and I kept banging my knees.

right there ^
This, on the other hand, is taller, more versatile and organize-able (is that a word?  It is now), rolls more easily than the blue cart, and is open so that I can see everything that's in it.  The drawers come completely out, and you can hang them off the sides of the top, for easy access. 

I haven't got a picture of the easel yet - it's pretty much easel-like, LOL, but it's height-adjustable, with clamps at the top for securing larger canvases.  I already love working on it.

The art room itself is pretty much a complete shambles; I've got to set up the sewing room, then get sewing for SCA Candlemas, which is on the 1st (!!!), and AFTER that I can screw around with the art room if I wanna.  :)

Sewing room soon, I promise!


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  1. Said friend here...lol. I am so very glad the taboret has a good home and you like it. The easel, btw, has never been used, even though I've had it for a couple of years, and again, so so glad you enjoy using it!


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