10 January 2014


Freaking sewing table!  AURGH!  

The sewing room has been finished for like a week, guys, seriously.  FINISHED.  Except for the sewing table itself, which I've painted TWICE now.  The first time, it was *done* except for a protective clearcoat - what, three days ago?  And then I got this fabulous idea...and, um, yeah...shouldn't have done that.  So I had to start all over again.  Don't you HATE that?  GAH.

So, it's nearly finished again, and the second it's done and IN the room, I'll post.

Meanwhile, I'm painting paintings!  And cut out a whole new outfit for an SCA event coming up that I can't sew yet!  GAAAHHH!!  

Here.  Have a picture of Rory in the sink:


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  1. Aawwww. Kitties in sinks are one of my favorite things.


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