17 January 2014

Bonus: Hall Closet

This is nothing much, but I love my hall closet, and I'm happy to see it each and every time I open the door:

It's teeny:  only 6x2".

Coats on the far right.

A hanging shoe organizer given to me by a friend, into which I've organized my re-usable shopping bags (Austin has a no-plastic policy; this is all we use here).

Hats and purses on S-hooks across the rest of the rod.

Vacuum (and Shark floor steamer, which you can't see in this picture, but which is AWESOME and I highly recommend it if you have tile).

And a bin of larger bags and backpacks on the floor under the shoe bag organizer.

Up top on the shelf is Halloween stuff, and games.

This is one of two closets in the house which both still have the original carpet, wall color, and wire shelving that came with the house.


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