21 February 2014

Lampity Lampness

S l o wwww updating on the lamps; but, they're all coming along.

Chandelier #1 (Lily chandelier) is coming along nicely.  The re-finishing is all done, it's been re-wired (the original wire wasn't long enough to swag the way I'm going to when I hang it), and it's ready to go up - as soon as I get a good, sturdy, pretty hook for it.

The three-arm chandelier (#2) with all the glass is cleaned, stripped, re-painted, and lying in a heap inside a box in my garage, awaiting more work.  Meanwhile, I cleaned allllll that glass:

ooh, shinyyyy...

Meanwhile, the table lamp I forgot to take a "before" picture of is looking kinda awesome, and I'll have after pics for you next week as soon as I take some that don't suck (because that's all I have right now and I'm not sharing); 



I also have a candelabra-style floor lamp in the works.  Actually, it's done - I cleaned it, painted it, and put a shade on it, and threw it into the living room.  It's gorgeous, and perfect for the spot I put it in.  Show you next week, when the table lamp is done, since they're going to end up being kind of a set.  :)

Weekend, here we come!  I have a lot to do - two chandeliers to finish/hang, lots of photos to take, a chair and a table to start refinishing, three outfits to start sewing, and I'm about halfway through with a HUGE commission painting that I can't wait to show you when it's finished. WHEW!  Busy girl is busy.


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