14 February 2014

Soft Lighting, Small Lighting, Little Balls of Flame

Threw a couple of things together for my art studio last week that I'd been thinking about:

  • A sheer, cotton, red, paisley curtain panel I've had in my fabric stash forever
  • A wee (3") wooden shelf, cut from scrap, fixed in place about 2/3 up the window, with
  • A bamboo rod and white muslin café curtain on clip-rings below it, and 
  • A couple of glass bottles of Pothos and Philodenron rooting in them
  • A trio of brightly-colored, glass, "Moroccan" candle lanterns hung where the sunlight can catch them.  They were a Christmas gift from a friend. :) 

After agonizing over what color to paint the room, I've decided NOT to paint it.  I like the white.  I like the backdrop it gives for ANY color I want.  I've decided that this is going to be my random, riotous, Boho paradise-y art space.  It IS a room for creativity, after all.  


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