15 February 2014

Lampy Success!

So I painted both of those chandeliers last night, and they look WONDERFUL.  Both are a new, bright, pale gold, instead of the tarnished brass and ancient gold leaf finish they were before.  The lily chandelier will, in fact, be ready to hang as soon as I put the finial pieces back on it and dig a new chain out of my stash.  The glass chandelier still needs, well, the glass.  I'm nowhere near ready to re-dress the thing; I have a vague idea of how I want it to look, but nothing more than that.

Since I had the spray paint out anyway, I also sprayed a pretty new coat on an old, salvaged table lamp.  Did I remember to take a "before" pic?  Hell no!  Not until I was nearly finished with it, anyway.  Oops. That one only needs a shade, which I have, and as soon as it's painted, I'll show it to you.  I'm excited about it. :)

And since I have no pics to show you, I leave you with this:

Google "ugly lamp".  Go on.  I dare you.

(image from BetterAfter.com - they have a hilarious
ugly lamp contest every year)


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