28 February 2014

The Wayback Machine

Whatever you may think of the various things I've done to my living room over the years since I started this blog, you can't deny that it changes frequently.  I'm still plugging away on my light fixtures and a couple other projects I'll have to show you in March; but for now, I dug out some old photos of the living room from 2004 that I thought I'd share:

Guys, this is the original almost-everything.   I hung the ceiling fan I wanted immediately, and moved the [really ugly] one that came with the house into a spare bedroom.

But the paint, doors, hardware, fireplace mantel and tile - even the original carpet is still in these pics.

No, the houseplants thing is not new, hehe.   And no, I don't know why there are pillows on top of the entertainment center.

Looking the other direction.    LOOK at that awful pendant lamp.   The original floorplan of the house had this area under the light designated as a "dining room", and was supposed to be tiled.  Thankfully, I had the option to just carpet the entire thing.  I've never wanted to do the whole dining room/living room thing.  

The area that I use as my dining room was originally tagged as a "breakfast nook."  I've never understood the idea of eating different meals in different rooms.  That's for people in Jane Austen novels.  I pretty much eat in front of the tv on the couch, because I'm a 37-year-old frat boy. 

All the king's arches and all the king's beige.  

The original kitchen and dining room light fixtures.  Actually, the dining room light is still the same, I just painted it black, long ago.  It was one of the first projects in the house, aside from the ceiling fan in the living room - painting everything  that was shiny brass, to black.  

(And because someone asked, that's a dog harness on the bar in the foreground, not something naughty).  

And that's that, folks.  Crazy, yeah?  I found these pics while looking for some others, and I was like  whoa.  And my BFF was like whoa.  And the cat was like,  are you eating that pizza crust?  


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