07 February 2014

Stuff and Things

I think it's a good sign that

  • I'm not knocking jars off my new spice rack every time I grab one of them, and 
  • I'm still grinning from ear to ear and sighing, "ahhh" every time I walk into my pink sewing room.  
Right decisions, yay.  :) 


I've been puttering, not working on a whole lot of things.  Mostly small stuff.  I decided after the SCA event last week (which I'd been sewing for for weeks), that I would turn my attention to my landscaping...and then we started this freeze/warm cycle all over again.  It was 70º earlier this week, two days after a freeze;  today it's freezing and about to start sleeting and raining; and next week it's supposed to be in the 60s, but then it'll freeze and rain again.  Freaking winter.  

Instead, then, I've been doing some indoor gardening, which has ended up branching out into shelving and lighting.  I've been picking at my art room some, rearranging furniture and getting ready to gut the closet and re-do it so that I can start getting the room together.  (I have my painting space, but it's kind of a clearing in a junk forest at the moment).  

I put up a window shelf in my art room,  upon which now sits some Pothos and Philodendron cuttings in pretty jars, and below which is a simple wooden rod with dark copper rings and a plain, white, bit of muslin fabric as a café curtain.  There's a funky, paisley, linen sheer over one side of the window over it all in reds and browns, and a trio of brightly-colored glass "Moroccan" lanterns hung in the corner over the window as well.  

I'm going to be doing some more work in the room, bit by bit;  I've decided that since I have two big art projects to do for other people and the space isn't really conducive to working comfortably in, that I'll work on the paintings and the room simultaneously.  Mostly it's going to be dealing with the closet, and organizing the whole room better.  I've also decided that since I love Moroccan, Indian, and "boho" design elements, but that they're too much for my main living space, that I'll make my art room my brightly-colored and deeply-layered "boho" space - a little artsy, creative refuge.  

For the time being, though, I'm going to be taking on a second job soon, in order to take care of some debt and get myself a little bit ahead.  I've been struggling lately, and I'm tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I'm not going to have much time to work around the house, or for anything resembling a social life for a few months, so there may not be many new entries here; but I'll keep you guys apprised of what's going on.  

Wish me luck! 

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