28 March 2014

Guest Bath Chandelier - Finished!

I posted here and here about a pair of antique, homemade chandeliers that I was given by a dear friend. I've finished the lily chandelier, which was made by my friend's metal-worker great-grandfather in the 60s.  Here is the before:

It's a four-light candelabra chandelier, originally gold-leafed.  It's 54 years old, and was encrusted with dust and cigarette smoke.  The gold leaf was peeling, and the metal was rusting underneath. The wiring was all good, thankfully, though I did replace the main wire leading up from the center of the fixture to the ceiling mount.  I also scrubbed and sanded the fixture to remove the gold leaf and rust and dirt, bent some of the metal bits back into shape, spray-painted the bulb holders white, and primed, then sprayed the entire fixture in a pale, shiny gold.

My guest bath, meanwhile, had this three-light fixture in it:

Which was pretty, but not fabulous.  I wanted fabulous.  

Here is the after:

Yay!!  I love this SO MUCH!!


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