03 June 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different...

You guys remember the tacky cat statue, right?


Over the weekend, my cat Gypsy went into the hospital with a urinary tract blockage.  It's his second one, and although this case wasn't as advanced, it was harder for the vets to deal with due to scarring from the last time.  He's been through a bit more, and I've been uber-stressed about both him and the financial situation this whole thing is putting me into (not that I begrudge it, there's not a thing I wouldn't do for my animals).

I did a LOT of big, serious projects this weekend to keep myself busy and keep my mind off of things.  I'll be sharing all of it with you this week, but first I want to show you how this cats statue came out.  I can't fix Gypsy, but I can at least fix THIS cat.

I want you to know, I don't DO stuff that looks like this.  Seriously, it's pink and gold, and just...tacky as hell.  But this was one of those times when the art, the paint speaks to you, you know?  I cleaned and prepped and painted this cat with Gypsy on my mind, using it as a focus to send him love and healing - and I had every intention of painting this thing blue, mind you - but for some reason it just needed to be pink.  And gold.  With dots and stuff.  I have no idea, y'all, it just happened.

We'll call this "whimsy." 

Hell, for all I know?  Maybe pink is Gypsy's favorite color.  (Just in case anyone cares, the pink is Valspar's "Summer Night", purchased on clearance for $1 /8oz sample can; and the gold is just all my gold metallic acrylic craft paints mixed together so I'd have enough gold).

Ridiculous. Cute. Girly. Mostly ridiculous.  

Heehee.  Come home, Gyps-a-lator.  Mama and your brother Rabi miss the hell out of you. 



  1. I think she's adorable. Why do I not remember ever seeing this cat before..ever?

  2. She's kinda hard to see at the moment - she's right under the coat rack, at the end of the shoe shelf by the door. And she was painted a dark color before, so.

  3. Ah. I mean, I know she's been there...but seems like I would have noticed her. I like what Gypsy told you to do with her. :)


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