27 September 2016

The Final Push

Well, my (old) house is a total war zone right now. You've moved, you know how it is.  Boxes everywhere, nothing on the walls or windows, walls full of spackle and half-painted, and so forth.  The dogs are mostly okay with all the chaos - Daisy's being clingy, but is calm; Shelly's enjoying the ever-expanding empty floor space to lay on. The cats have pretty much lost their collective mind, but, you know, cats

I've also been losing my damn mind; though the more information I have, and the more I actually get *done*, the better I feel about everything.  My roomate has been a freaking rockstar throughout all of this. She's handling most of the packing while I tend to repairs and painting; but more than that, she's been a rock and a source of perspective and calm when I've needed it most. She must have the patience of a saint to deal with how nuts things have been with both houses lately.

Most of the house is packed; we're down to just the things we'll use this week.  I've taken off this Friday to do last-minute stuff; the movers are coming at 8am on Saturday.  Eek! 

The new house is kind of in limbo at the moment.  It's empty, and there's someone replacing the flooring in the whole house this week. At some point before Friday, I have to go over there and paint the two small bedrooms - I'd love to have time to paint the entire thing before there's furniture in the way, but I'll have to get to everything else later as I have time.

I also need to stop for five seconds and take some pictures, in both houses.  Hopefully, I'll have some to post here soon.


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