29 September 2016

The Fixer Upper

We move in two days, and I am not even stressed about it. I've finally reached the point where I've sat down and strapped myself in for the ride.  Whee!

 I've brought some before pictures of the house we're moving into this weekend:

The front entryway, in the process of being coated with paint primer.  Terra cotta tile on the floor, 90s sponge-paint job on the walls, in terra cotta over yellow.

Yay, a front door with windows! I've always wanted one of those!

The living room is enormous, with a 12' vaulted ceiling. The fireplace is gas (and needs to be refinished/restored).

The floors here are concrete, once painted blue with a darker blue rag/bag job over it. 

In the next few days (as we move in, hooray?) there's a contractor coming in to replace the flooring in the whole house with a wood-look ceramic tile, in a pale grayish-pine color.

Looking into the dining room from the living room.  There's laminate floor here and in the kitchen, which will also be replaced with the ceramic tile.

A yellow kitchen with a popcorn-encrusted soffit above the upper cabinets. 

The island will be removed by the tile guys; Sylvan and I plan to get a rolling work cart instead, that we can move around as needed.

The stove and fireplace are gas. I haven't cooked with gas since my last apartment, back in '03.  I LOVE cooking with gas!

The sink faucet, sprayer, and disposal were replaced just last week.

Looking through the dining room door at the other end of the kitchen, into a breakfast nook.

Sylvan's bedroom - it's Smurfy!

More painted concrete flooring and popcorn (there's popcorn throughout the house).

My bedroom, with peel-n-stick brick-look floor tile and a decorative wooden shelf across the top of one wall.

CAN you believe this window? I can't think of the name for this type of window (it's not a bay); but I LOVE it! The seat area is 16" wide, and some of the panes are covered with a decorative privacy film.  I can't wait to fill it with plants.

The ceiling fan in my room.  LMAO.  (This was a kid's room, once upon a time).

I am so happy that there are ceiling fans in every room. This is Texas.  The heat does NOT screw around, y'all.

The master bedroom, which will become a shared craft space for Sylvan and I, just like in our current/old house.

Red walls, clean but old carpeting, and some gold wall stenciling.

The master bathroom.  Lavender walls with gold glitter mixed into the paint, pretty vintage-y shell sinks with brand-new faucets...

...and a ginormous walk-in shower with a tiled bench and body sprays. Woohoo!

There are also two closets here, one on either side of the shower. Those will be great craft closets! (I wonder whose will fill up first. I bet it'll be mine - I'm a costumer. I have a LOT of fabric).

As you can see, there's a lot of work to be done here. The new flooring will be going in over the next few days, and we've already begun priming and painting - the whole house needs to be painted from top to bottom.  Those two things will make a huge difference; everything else is small stuff like replacing outlet covers and doorknobs.  Most of the fixtures and about half the appliances have been replaced in the past year, and everything works great.

The next couple of days is going to be all about moving, but after that's done and everybody's toothbrush and underwear are unpacked, I can get back to painting. It's already making a HUGE difference.  I can't wait to see what this house can become! :)

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