09 September 2016


I keep starting this post and deleting it, because I can never figure out exactly what to say, or how much to say.  So, I'll get right to the point:

I'm selling my house, and moving into a new one.

I'm not going far - I'm not even leaving town. The new place (actually an older house, built in 1984) is about 8 miles to the west of where I live now. A friend owns it, and is moving out of state;  my BFF-roomie and I will be renting the house from her. It's around 100 square feet bigger than my current home, on an enormous corner lot, with 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths, massive mature oak and elm trees, in a vast, tangled neighborhood in a part of south Austin that I absolutely adore and have missed since the last time I lived near there (about 15 years ago).

My friend is moving out next week, and as soon as she's gone, there's a crew coming in to put down new flooring throughout the entire house and replace the siding.  After that, I'll be going in and doing what amounts to a make-ready on the place myself - cleaning, painting walls, some minor repairs that will be easier to do before I move in.  My roommate and I are hoping to move in the last week of September.

That gives me three weeks to get all of our stuff packed and my house prepped to put on the market - lots more cleaning, painting walls, and minor repairs.  Also some major repairs: parts of the back fence are going to be replaced, and I'll be installing a new garage door the first week of October to replace the one I backed into with my car two years ago and couldn't afford to fix until now (oops).

There is SO much to do, and so little time to do it. Thankfully, I have a fantastic realtor, and a bunch of awesomely supportive friends who've volunteered to help out during this whole process.  I'm a bit stressed out (read: running around with my hair on fire 24/7), but the more I get done, and the more I learn about selling a house, the better I feel about the entire thing, and the more excited I get about the move.

I can't wait to have a new house and yard to play with!

I'll be back soon.

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